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More Rupi Kaur

So, I know I just posted one of Rupi Kaur's poems. However, I just couldn't help myself. Here are a few more of her empowering verses...

how is it so easy for you  to be kind to people he asked
milk and honey dripped from my lips as i answered
cause people have not been kind to me 
- rupi kaur
i don't know what living a balanced life feels like when i am sad  i don't cry i pour when i am happy  i don't smile i glow when i am angry i don't yell i burn the good thing about feeling in extremes is when i love i give them wings but perhaps that isn't such a good thing cause they always tend to leave and you should see me when my heart is broken i don't grieve i shatter
- rupi kaur
we are all born  so beautiful 
the greatest tragedy is being convinced we are not
- rapi kaur
********************  here's her instagram if you are interested in more

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